Link throw-up: a train mystery, a Munny show, and a bitten design

The one on the right looks like a Garbage Pail Madball.

Munnys make it to Miami. The short story behind a pretty dope custom Munny show down South. (Miami New Times)

The Made U Look mystery. Grafhead blog Razor Apple gets thrilled about an anonymous subway crew painting an entire R train. Days later, Razor Apple does some Web-sleuthing to uncover that the NYPD could be behind the 10-car paint job. Subway bombers or undercover cops? (Made U Look).

Nando Mondragon. A Denver dude gets into hip-hop fashion, goes to jail. The question nags: are diamond-studded grills just fancy handcuffs? (Denver Westword)

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Justice in the Internet age. Pigeon Dunk designer Jeff Staple hits Berlin trade show, notices something funky at the British Knights booth -- namely, one of his stolen designs. He posts the design-biter's phone number and e-mail address on his blog. O snap! (To Darrin Hudson, Jeff Staple's blog)

Photo borrowed from Jeff Staple's blog: at left, the design copped by British Knights; at right, the original

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