Link throw-up: Vice TV, Yiddish graf, and Hypebeast the Movie

ViceTVcropped.jpgDavid Cross says, "Terrible use of nipples."

Vice TV. Do not get drunk and pose for videocamera-carrying hipsters or you'll end up on Internet TV being compared to dirty testicles. Sure, we suppose you could sue, but do you really want to be called dirty testicles in a court document? (VBS.TV)

Yiddish Brooklyn tale. Little boy on philanthropic Brooklyn billboard gets defaced. Little boy disappears. Little boy returns with long Hassidic curls and strategically placed Yiddish graffiti. Turns out "graffiti" is in Yiddish because it's part of the ad. (Razor Apple)

Hypebeast: The Movie. A/K/A Where'd You Get Those?: The Movie. (Complex)

Some choice dialogue: "DUUUUUDE, CHECK THESE OUT!" You showed me those earlier. "DUUUUUUUUUUDE!"

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