Lisa Edelstein From House At Her House

Lisa Edelstein From House At Her House

I was at the forefront of trumpeting Lisa Edelstein back when she was a club regular calling herself Lisa E, in the Palladium days of creative partying and persuasive posing.

And now, years later, cameras are following the woman in a bigger way; she's the costar of House and a familiar face in everyone's home.

Above is an extremely vivid photo by Wolfgang Wesener of me, Lisa, and World of Wonder's Stephen Saban (her other early trumpeter) at a birthday party Lisa had over a year ago in the NYC pad she spends part of the year at.

(I just got ahold of the pix and couldn't wait to share them. I'm such a giver.)

As a bonus, I've thrown in a shot of yours truly interviewing Lisa at the very same event, as sneaky Saban listens in.

Believe me, we're both beside ourselves that Lisa is rocking the House.

Lisa Edelstein From House At Her House

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