Liza's Personality Explained

As I wrote, Liza Minnelli just performed at Cherry Grove's Ice Palace, and the whole town was buzzing with excitement, including other island guests like Wanda Sykes and Neil Sedaka.

And I got some glimmers of insight into Liza.

Someone who had dinner with her on the island told me:

"She's always 'on,' with a bit of a song or a story.

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"What a gift.

"And she know how to grab you.

"When you're walking in a group and she's telling a story, she'll look back to make sure everyone's listening.

"If they aren't, she'll rev it up. 'He really was mean to me.'

"She's a master entertainer. None of the new performers have that skill anymore."

Liza had dinner with friends again the next night--at Sand Castle--and I got some info about that too.

Said a source:

"She started with a salad and asked to have bacon in it instead of strawberries!"

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