Lose Weight With Preparation H

I've heard for years about people who ingeniously use Preparation H to shrink the bags under their eyes, but I never imagined it would also be used to reduce one's waistline.

So I was stunned when a dimpled male beauty contestant told me that he regularly smears his middle section in Prop. 8 -- I mean Prep H -- and then wraps himself in luxurious sheaths of Saran Wrap.

And it totally shrinks tissue and he loses water weight!

The results are only temporary, mind you -- the effects last about six hours, until you drink your next glass of water -- but it works so well for him that he just won a pageant looking slimmer than Kate Moss!

And by the way, he advises using the gel, not the cream, which can make you break out in a very non-aesthetic way.

Gosh, doesn't anyone use Preparation H for plain old hemorrhoids anymore?

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