Lucille Ball's Two Least Favorite TV Guest Stars

When Bette Davis dropped out of a guest role on The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show, they naturally got Tallulah Bankhead to fit the arm-swiveling bill.

Who was a mess.

According to the new book Lucille Ball FAQ, Tallu came to work intoxicated, crashed a production meeting, and when Lucy complimented her on her sweater, she simply took it off and gave it to her!

Vivian Vance then cracked that she liked Tallu's pants, so the actress took those off, too, revealing nothing underneath!

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She sounds like a great guest, actually.

Lucy's other least favorite star to work with was ...

Joan Crawford.

During rehearsals of The Lucy Show, Lucy caught Joan drinking vodka out of her purse.

Crawford started showing up late and/or totally missing rehearsals.

And when she did show up, she became panic-stricken and had to be coaxed into going on.

But the worst moment was when Lucy found a woman scrubbing the floor of Joan's dressing room and at first didn't even realize it was nutty Joan herself!

Joan was mad at the dirt and Lucy was mad at the douche.

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