Lucky Cheng's Slapped With Violations! Owner Responds

Lucky Cheng's Slapped With Violations! Owner Responds

It's just temporary, I'm sure, but the drag restaurant Lucky Cheng's--which moved to West 52nd Street last October--might have some more offensive things going on than potential bad lipsynchs.

I passed by the place the other night and saw a sign in the window saying the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene had closed it, along with that dreaded "Grade Pending" sign.

I looked up the boite on the Health Department's site and found that it has racked up 41 violation points, including things involving temperature, plumbing, flies, and rodent-proofing.

What a drag.

But owner Hayne Suthon has a response for me.

Says she: "Everything was fixed that night and the manager and chef went to the Department Of Health in the AM with proof of compliance. But because I'm in New Orleans, I could not fill out the necessary paperwork to get it reopened on Friday. I have an attorney working on this."

So don't take off your cha cha heels just yet.

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