Lynn Yaeger Braves the Hamptons

The Hamptons make us nervous. Anything that's even more exaggerated in reality than its own stereotype is a little disconcerting, but usually also somewhat entertaining. Intrepid fashion insider/outsider Lynn Yaeger ventures to East Hampton this week and reports on the jitney, the shopping, and the overheard inanity.

Oh, Ralph. Could there be a more perfect Hamptons figurehead than the Bronx-born Lauren? (OK, sure, he changed his name from Lifshitz, but if your name had the word "shit" in it, wouldn't you change it, too?) His distinctive message—and one that I've always embraced—is that you can dress like a WASP, present yourself to the world as a rich twit, and call your kids Hugo and Caiden no matter what your ethnicity or what depressing hole you originally crawled out of.

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