Madonna Rips Off Gaga Ripping Off Madonna Ripping Off....

With Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild" video out, the kids on the gay gossip site have gone wild with observations about which diva is pilfering from whom.

Says one poster there:

"Madonna rips off Gaga ripping off Madonna ripping off Gaga.

"The men in heels and smoking is a ripoff of Gaga, just as Gaga replacing the cone tits with gun tits, and the blonde bob and gap teeth was a ripoff of Madonna, but Gaga made it funny and didn't pretend otherwise."

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Perhaps true, but that leaves out the "reductive" "Born This Way," which had some echoes of "Express Yourself," as even some Little Monsters may have noticed.

And besides, as another commenter notes about Madonna's alleged men in heels "rip" from Gaga:

"That in turn was a ripoff of 'Erotica.'"

So it's a gigantic multigenerational snake feeding off its own innards through pop-cultural eternity.

Check out the "Girl" video and decide for yourself.

Or just rip it off.

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