Martha Stewart On Her Rustic But Suburban Farm Home

At City Harvest's "On Your Plate" luncheon yesterday, quality queen Martha Stewart told the crowd about the sprawling place she lives at in Bedford, New York.

"It's rustic but suburban," she said. "We have plumbing and electricity and greenhouses.

"It is my home rather than a weekend retreat. And I commute--I can go to the highway."

What's more, Martha raises all kinds of healthful stuff there, going by the sustainable practices she's long propagated.

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"People say, 'You have so many dandelions'," she related. "Well, you have dandelions if you don't use pesticides or weed killers!

"My Chinese housekeeper started to recite a poem about the beauty of dandelions, so I felt better about having them."

Heck, I need a Chinese housekeeper to recite poems about my rustic yet suburban farm estate. We all do!

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