Martha Wash Turns It Out On Her Surprising New CD

Martha Wash Turns It Out On Her Surprising New CD

Martha Wash is known for booming out hits for the Weather Girls ("It's Raining Men") and C&C Music Factory, and for her own solo efforts. Well, it's raining Martha these days because she has a CD out called Something Good, which she sent me. Because I asked her to.

And as usual, her voice has a purity that's very unique and affecting--she's one of the best vocalists in the biz. But this time, Martha applies that voice to different types of songs--rise-up anthems and pop-rock covers, not thump-thump disco fare. The result is really fine stuff that deserves high chart places.

I agree with this review, which said:

"Wash moves firmly into the foreground, She does so by making a 180-degree turn from her dance queen days while also displaying a dexterity that will lead many to understand that this very talented artist is at home in whatever genre she chooses to place her musical hat."

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