Masturbation in a Relationship: OK?

I'm not in a relationship -- except with my public image -- so I'm ignorant to all things interpersonal.

And that's why I'm turning to you more emotionally healthy people.

Please tell me:

When you're deeply committed to another person to the point of monogamy, does jerking off count as cheating?

I doubt it would cause a problem since your hand is an extension of yourself and therefore it's technically part of you as a couple.

You're basically having sex within the couple.

And who could get mad at someone innocently pleasuring themselves as long as they clean up afterward?

But does anyone get mad at that sort of thing?

Might someone consider it a slap in the face of their own lovemaking skills?

If so, are they the real jerkoff?

And if it really shouldn't be a problem at all, why do so many married people try not to get caught at it?

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