Me Alert! I'm Shmoozing With Lizz Winstead!

Lizz Winstead is the incisive lady who co-created The Daily Show and cohosted an Air America program with Rachel Maddow. Pretty strong credits, huh? Well, now Lizz has been enlarging her palette even more by doing a little love-in called Shoot The Messenger on Mondays at 45-Bleecker. It's a caustic look at the news, starting with a pseudo TV news program and concluding with a sitdown interview with a guest star, complete with audience queries and knotted foreheads. And on Monday December 8 (showtime at 8 PM), that guest is me, Mama Michael Musto!

So click on the link to find out how you can nab yourself a ticket, then come on down and shoot me some difficult questions. Come on, let's play hardball!

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