Me And Barbara Cook In Concert!

Photo by Christian Freedom
Photo by Christian Freedom

Well separately.

I love the above photo of the entrance placard at 54 Below on Saturday night. Barbara Cook, one of the greatest singers who ever lived, was doing the 830 PM show. And my disco extravaganza was the late show!

I was honored to be in the same room with Barbara (let alone on the same bill), whose legend we got to soak in when she greeted people in the dressing room area after her performance.

And my show? Well, Elektrik Company, Sarah Dash, Orfeh, Tish & Snooky, and Joey Arias all rocked it on disco classics, and the packed room went nutto over the whole thing, some perhaps feeling a tiny bit giddy from the environmental effects of their timeworn polyester ensembles.

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Here's me and Joey duetting on "Don't Leave Me This Way" in a manner you might not soon forget.

Thanks to Erzen Krivca for the video.

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