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Merv Griffin and Rock Hudson's Hustler Tales

Merv Griffin and Rock Hudson's Hustler Tales

Former escort agency entrepreneur David Forest has looked through the trees and written an upcoming tell-all, pausing to spill some of the racy beans-to-come to blogger J.C. Adams.

Some of the tidbits:

*Flamboyant producer Alan Carr would fall in love with the boys, seducing them with all sorts of amorous gifts. As a result, the boys would return their beepers and opt for a luxury lifestyle over a per-hour rate

*Gianni Versace's boyfriend would call the agency on the down-low and say, "I need a boy for me and my lover." Only later did Forest find out who that lover was.

*Movie icon Rock Hudson was even sneakier. Calls would come in to Forest simply asking to send a boy over to Rock's house for "a party."

Craziest of all:

*The porn star sent to Merv Griffin's Christmas party didn't even get to be with Merv, "who was too busy working Eva Gabor"

Meaning what -- trying on her line of wigs?

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