Michael Alig Update

Michael Alig Update

I recently got booked to be on a panel discussion happening next March, a consortium which would feature all kinds of nightlife personalities from the past, present, and future.

And it turned out that one of them is club-kid-leader-turned-club-kid-killer Michael Alig, who's been detained in the clink since the naughty '90s!

"How can he appear?" I wondered, all dewy-eyed. "Is he breaking out?"

"Well, he thinks he might be let out by the end of this year," they replied.

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But it turns out that was another false alarm.

Club entrepreneur Steve Lewis reports that Alig's parole was just denied for a release this year. Alig's not getting out till next November -- and that's definite.

So Alig's panel appearance will only be via satellite, but in November 2011, he'll be right up in your face again!

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