Mitt Romney's The Republican Frontrunner

Check out this thoughtful piece that explains why, after his endorsement from Chris Christie and his performance at the last debate, Mitt Romney is the top dog to try to boot Obama from employment.

Author John Dickerson says that at the New Hampshire debate, Rick Perry "was too vague and full of platitudes" on the topic of an energy plan.

"Cain is a one-note wonder," adds Dickerson. "That is his strength and his limitation."

And while Newt Gingrich appeared to be having the best time -- hijacking questions so he could rail against some of his favorite targets -- I doubt he's on the scene for more than just comic relief.

So that leaves Romney, even though Tea Party activists don't favor him at all.

Heck, if they don't like him, I love him -- especially if, without full Repub support, he might not be that much of a threat to a Democratic White House.

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