Monica Lewinsky Will Reveal Everything

You thought she would just go silent into that good night?


While Bill Clinton carries on as a great statesman, ex-intern Monica Lewinsky, now 39, apparently still feels scandalized as the girl under the table.

So she's supposedly telling all for money!

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Monica is reportedly penning a book which will reveal the President's penchant for three-ways, orgies, and sex toys.

Also, the way he talked about how there was no sex in his marriage and he was sure Hilary was looking for love elsewhere.

And Monica discusses the pain of having to terminate her pregnancy--not the result of servicing Bill, mind you; there was some Pentagon guy.

(Monica obviously loved being in the seat of power.)

I feel she will tell some truths and make some money.

And Bill will still be a great statesman.

And sadly, she'll still be known as the girl under the table.

But an author too!

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