More Bad News For Madonna

More Bad News For Madonna

First she got that loathsome batch of hydrangeas and now comes Boston Herald critic Stephen Schaefer's pan of the Madonna-directed W.E., which he saw at the Venice Film Festival.

Says Schaefer:

The film is "beautifully bland and boring, not to say inane."

"The Wallis we see expertly evokes the actual image but remains a hollow entity.

"Even worse is the tacked-on contemporary story of a miserably married New Yorker named Wally (Abbie Cornish, curiously inexpressive, with black witch colored hair to match Simpson's) ..."

Schaefer says we watch Wally as she "monotonously view[s] the Windsors 1998 estate sale day after day after day. You'll be dazed."

Sorry, Madge. At least you have a CD coming out.

The bright side from Venice?

David Croneberg's A Dangerous Method is a wow, says Schaefer.

It's "gorgeously shot, brilliantly acted, intelligently written, and incisively detailed."

Michael Fassbender [as Carl Jung] is "magnetic," and Keira Knightley is "dazzling, simply dazzling."

Send her the hydrangeas?

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