Movies Descend on Broadway

Movies Descend on Broadway

Broadway musicals have to be based on something, but this coming season, it seems like the vast majority of them are based on quirky but popular films from the modern age.

You've got Women On the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, which could well become Pedro Almodovar's Hairspray, if he gets muy lucky.

Catch Me If You Can, which the Hairspray composers have made into another period pastiche that could probably be retitled Aqua Velva.

Sister Act, which could be habit-forming even without Whoopi as the Reno-lounge-singer-turned-high-spirited-nun.

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Priscilla, which is obviously going to be Mamma Mia! meets La Cage, the bus guaranteed to emerge a star.

And Elf, which I had no idea was such a classic that it begged to be adapted already.

Are you jonesing for any of these, or will you stick with your Netflix?

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