My 10 Most Commented Posts of All Time

Not the most trafficked, necessarily, but the ones that made you leap to your fingers and tap out your thoughts in the largest anonymous gangs.

These topics clearly spoke to you and you talked back at the top of your mental lungs.

Try to deduce some telling trends from this list of the most provocative postings:

Has-beens? Penises? Has-beens who are penises?

1) Adam Lambert vs. Clay Aiken: A Tale of Two Coming Outs 392 comments

2) Who's Your Favorite 'All That Chat' Regular? 267

3) Remembering Diana Ross's Appalling Behavior at Flo Ballard's Funeral 220

4) The Semi Closety Marketing of Adam Lambert 220

5) The O'Reilly Factor Attacks Me! 167

6) Is Black Dick Really Better? 167

7) A Whole New Gotham Horror Story 153

8) Ever Meet a Real Bisexual? 150

9) Howard Stern Has Turned His Back on Artie Lange! 138

10) Michael Jackson Was a Huge, Gaping Asshole 136

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