My Take On Madonna Vs. Gaga

My Take On Madonna Vs. Gaga

It's in today's New York Daily News, in an article by Nicole Lyn Pesce centering on a panel coming up dealing with Madonna vs. Gaga.

(I'm not on the panel, but I managed to get my views out in the article anyway.)

Said I:

"They both play heavily to a gay audience. They both specialize in self-glorifying dance pop. And they both deal with marketing, image, and reinvention.

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"Gaga calls out to the impressionable kids who are coming of age, and she gives them great messages about being yourself, independence, and expression--and in the '80s, these same kids would have been Madonna fans."

And how does Sir Elton John fit into this intergenerational catfight?

"He didn't take to her from the outset," I say, "and I think that over the years he probably developed as much of an envy of Madonna as Madonna has over Gaga.

So you've got three divas fighting it out!"

And that isn't enough!

Let's throw in the hot-again Spice Girls!

Eight is enough!

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