Naked Bar Owner Wants You on His Guest List

Are you one of those finicky types that won't set foot in a gay bar unless you've already seen the co-owner's cock and ass? Totally understandable! You have to be a discriminating consumer these days when there are so many venues begging for your esteemed patronage. Well, Darren Dryden, one of the people behind the East 6th Street bar Eastern Bloc, is fully aware of these demands, so he's been flapping it all in the wind over at, a site designed for flaunting and hooking up. Darren—an Oregonian who once bartended at Barracuda—is listed on the site as "ButchJockNYC", but he admits in his profile that he's the Eastern Bloc guy with the Pacific Northwestern cock and he even invites you to swing by and say hi. What for? We've already seen it all!

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