Naked Prince Harry Photos!

He was in Las Vegas this weekend and was cavorting with friends, both male and female, when his royal schedule allowed for a game of strip billiards.

Well, Harry must have lost because he was completely starkers.

Fortunately, someone took photos--which are linked after the jump--

and as you look at these, you should be thinking two things:

(A) Too bad he cupped his crown jewels!

(B) If he'd only been playing strip poker, he could have gotten a royal flush.

Anyway, these photos are rare signs that the royals are merely human, so I say they should be stopped and discouraged at all cost.

After all, the only point of being a royal is to be an uptight, unrealistic stick in the mud who waves a lot fully clothed, and who never succumbs to bouts of silly, ass-baring fun or any other forms of joyful spontaneity and sexual revelry!

Princess Anne should be the only royal who's allowed to engage in horseplay!

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