Nate Berkus Disses Martha

Nate Berkus is desperate to get a certain guest on his TV talk show, seeing as he loves her even more than interior design.

In fact, he wants her so badly that his bookers sent her people a pitch letter that slimes his competition!

Here's an abridged version of what the info said (according to a correspondence that I exclusively got my paws on):


·Nate delivers more than one million more viewers than Martha's Hallmark show. Nate averages about 1.2 million total viewers so far this season, while Martha's talk show averages only about 220,000 total viewers.


·This November, Nate delivers a 0.6 rating among Women 25-54, building its time periods from a 0.5 base, up +20 percent over last November.

·Wendy Williams also delivers a 0.6 rating among Women 25-54, but that is down from its time periods' 0.7 last year, -14 percent."

Got that? Think it's tacky for someone to basically say, "Do my show, not theirs"?

Well, talk TV is a cutthroat world. And that's coming from a blog that's creaming the competition!

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