Now Hiring: Eli, Citarella, New Meatpacking Whatever

Photo by Stephanie Myles

Stone Street will soon have another restaurant/bar, and it could be the most unappealing restaurant name of 2008: Mad Dog & Beans. It's Mexican and currently looking for waitresses.

The Meatpacking District is getting a new upscale French bistro, but first comes the staffing.

The Fat Black Pussycat is looking to add yakitori to its repertoire and needs a griller/impaler.

Prospect Heights' Beast needs a new line cook/sous chef.

Eli Zabar is looking for an "energetic food enthusiast" who can work the scales and registers at one of his Upper East Side stores. Meanwhile, Citarella is looking for a cheese counter person.

I swear to God I had this idea like three years ago. If only I had followed my heart, I could be hiring a chef on Craigslist to celebrate the sandwiches of the world!

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