nsa/two sides

Good intro to the debate over the National Security Agency's surveillance of "US persons" from Gwen Ifill, featuring ex-DCI John McLaughlin and NSA historian James Bamford.

Interesting combination. Bamford recently wrote a book, Pretext for War, detailing the administration's corruption of US intelligence agencies. And in James Risen's explosive State of War, McLaughlin stands accused of being among the corrupted.

McLaughlin made two especially provocative statements: (1) "This is the kind of program that allowed us to detect people in our own country who were affiliated with al-Qaida, intending to do harm." So far, this seems unlikely.* And (2) the hedged assessment that "in the end the president's action will be shown to be legal." That, we hear, is much more likely.

McBam.jpgMcLaughlin and Bamford

(*see update here)

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