Obama's Transgender Nanny Now Lives in Indonesian Squalor

Evie was President Barack Obama's nanny when he was a boy known as "Barry", living in Indonesia with his parents.

Evie, now 66, has had a rough life, filled with beatings, tauntings, and unspeakable poverty.

When she found the dead body of a transgendered friend floating in a canal, she got all her makeup and other girly things together and gave them away.

"I knew I was a woman," says Evie, "but I didn't want to die like that."

Today, she lives in an Indonesian hovel and takes in laundry to pay for sustenance.But she still can manage some wistful remembrances--like how "I never let [Obama] see me in women's clothes.

"But he did see me trying on his mother's lipstick sometimes.

"That used to really crack him up."

And he still won't back same-sex marriage???

Anyway, the White House was contacted for a comment on Evie's situation.

Not surprisingly, they had no comment.

And Obama finally has a scandal about another woman.

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