Open Casting For Rentboy, The Musical! Here's Your Chance!

Rentboy, the Musical is coming to off-off-Broadway, and you can pay for it!

But you'll probably get comped into the theater if you're actually in the show. And you just could be.

A notice just went out asking for submissions for the following roles. (I'm leaving the descriptions verbatim.)

Don K. Dick--A male escort from Brazil who "looks" more straight than gay. Age: 30s. Tenor/baritone

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B.C.--A male escort from the near east. Continental type. Age: Mid 30s. Baritone/tenor

Edge--Highly experienced and successful male escort from Middle America. Age: 35. Baritone

Mike Jones--The well known real-life male escort who outed the Rev. Ted Haggard. Baritone.

German Master--S&M specialist. Big and beefy. Age: early 30s. Baritone.

Client--Not an escort, but a man who pays for sex. He has the looks to pass for an escort, not old, yet also not young. Age 40ish. Lyric Baritone/Tenor

Ready to send your headshot? Anxious to whore out for a part? Wondering if you're man enough to be Don K. Dick or rich enough to be Client? Or would you rather just wait for the next Chekhov revival?


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