Our Man Sietsema: 'A Trio of Employees in Big-Headed Chick Costumes Danced Frantically Outside'

Sietsema has done us all a favor and toured Flushing's Korean chicken franchises to demystify an ethnic trend we've been hearing about for so many months.

The four contenders fighting for top chicken honors are all within ten blocks of each other on Northern Boulevard. Our Man breaks it down:

Cheogajip is beer-intensive and will soon add pizza to the menu. Although the fried chicken at all these places is inspired by the likes of Popeye's and KFC, sweet, sticky sauce is a pitfall.

Kyedong: "the lightly coated skin has been rendered supremely crisp and ungreasy. While 'soy' is woefully sugary and tastes nothing like soy, 'hot' is right on the money, with little flecks of chile in the breading."

KyoChon: "While lacking in salt, the plain whole chicken (again called 'soy') was dissected into 24 small, crisp pieces. It was the best we had at any place on the strip."

BonChon is the chicken joint that doesn't quite fit in. Our Man describes the decor as pure cocktail lounge and exclaims, "The menu offers a wine list!" The chicken was on the greasy side, and some menu items are downright weird, but the spice-coated fries get raves.

Cheogajip 160-24A Northern Boulevard Flushing (718) 445-0806

Kyedong 150-54 Northern Boulevard Flushing (718) 358-8300

KyoChon 156-50 Northern Boulevard Flushing (718) 939-3002

BonChon 157-18 Northern Boulevard Flushing (718) 321-3818

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