Outrage Over a Chris Brown Plea Deal!

Outrage Over a Chris Brown Plea Deal!
Joel Telling

Reports say that Rihanna beater Chris Brown may be close to a plea deal, and if that happens, Brown had better get out his umbrella-ella-ella to protect him from the hailstorm of appallment over it.

Already I've heard from a law professor--Marisa Cianciarulo, who's the director of the Family Violence Clinic at Chapman University's School of Law--who's irked by the fact that Brown's pounding of his lady love might only lead to a light wrist slap.

Says she, "The message that Chris Brown will receive is a confirmation of his own denial--he did something wrong but it wasn't a big deal. He got his girlfriend back, he got off with some community service, and he will continue to have a successful career."

Is this that familiar menace known as celebrity justice in action? Uh-huh, says the prof. "Had he been a thug on the street who beat up a stranger, he would be facing much more serious consequences. But because he has a public charming persona and he is a successful young man, his crime is considered a minor transgression, a youthful mistake. The real paradox, though, is that the fact that he did this to a loved one renders the crime less serious than if he had done this to a stranger."

You hear that, you thugs out there? Before you beat up on someone, make sure it's a loved one, not a stranger, and check the Billboard charts to make sure you're still famous! Then punch away! You'll be fine!

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