Ovation Channel Blog Interviews Me

Ovation Channel Blog Interviews Me

The intriguingly named Kymara Lacrimosa threw 13 questions my way, and I flung them right back, with answers.

The result is titillatingly entertaining and not at all unlucky!

And get a load of the introduction she wrote for me!

"Mr Michael Musto is the legendary author ...

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"During one of our festivities at the infamous Chelsea Hotel, several audience members clamored around us, gushing a panicked 'He's here, he's here.'

"A frightened silence fell over the room.

"Since we had never met this legend, we were in a bit of a tizzy.

"However, [after] a proper introduction, we discovered one of the most pleasant and unassuming people we have ever met on our journeys ...

"One of New York City's most celebrated figures."

Wowsa! I love the idea of a frightened silence falling over the room when I enter.

Let's have that every single time, please, people.

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