Overheard Shit About Shit and Shit

Ex West Coaster at Hiro Ballroom: "L.A. rips out your soul!" . . .

Guy to friend at the Madison: "I'll poop on a drag queen if that'll make things more interesting for you." . . .

Guy at Barracuda: "I wish guys would be upfront about their business before you get them in bed. I went home with a guy who said he wanted me to defecate in his mouth." No! Do it on a drag queen! . . .

An ex-tabloid employee at Ben Widdicombe and Horacio Silva's house party: "Not being one of those people who thinks mental illness is a spectator sport, I didn't think it was a good fit for me to work there." . . .

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Friend to me: "I'm moving into a very small one-bedroom just like yours. But that's OK, it'll only be for three months." . . .

Web chatterer: "The last time Simon Dumenco interviewed a gay twink (Queer as Folk's Randy Harrison), he ended up living with him. Will the same thing happen now that he's interviewed Zac Efron for Details?"

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