Paola's Little Sister is Huge!


At Barbone, even big eaters might be full after the antipasti. “We were all poor growing up, so, we like to give big portions,” our waiter said. It’s advisable not to fill up on the first course though, because pasta is not to be missed at Barbone. Many members of the staff come from Paola, the pasta Mecca uptown. I’ll leave the comparisons to the truly obsessed, but our fresh fettuccine with lamb ragu was delicious—the noodles being the best part.

The chef, John Baron, is not a Paola’s alum, but gathered his pasta credentials in the Batali Empire—at Babbo, Po, Lupa, and Otto. So it’s no coincidence that the orange-clogged has been seen a few times at Barbone, having a raucous time in the large back garden and closing the place down. I wonder what he thinks of the portion sizes?

Barbone 186 Avenue B (between 11th and 12th) (212) 254-6047

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