Patricia Clarkson: I'll Never Get Married!

CLICK HERE for my interview with the renowned actress, a favored choice of Woody, Marty, and now Ruba Nadda, who's put Clarkson in a carefully paced romantic drama called Cairo Time.

Patty -- yes, we're that close -- tells me how she adapted to the Egyptian city; whether Scorsese is "aural" or "oral"; and why she'll always stay single, as God is her witness.

If that's all way too high-toned for you, I also take you deep inside the Puppetry of the Penis auditions!

Who knew that doing an "Eiffel Tower" required foreskin?

And if that piques your interest in high theater, I'll tell you about Elaine Stritch's latest ad libs and other business in A Little Night Music.

Send in the clowns!

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