Phoning It In

Yeah yeah, anarchists. Grr. Arrgh.

Real estate prices in Manhattan being what they are, readers may find it wasteful to devote valuable square footage to the detention of non-violent protestors, many of whom may indeed be non-violent non-protestors; NYPD has admirably not shown a deep mean streak, but they have cast a rather wide net.

If you're of a mind to look after the currently incarcerated, see how they're doing, suggest they might serve better as examples of our right to disssent than as chilling effects, you may indeed wish to voice your compassion with a quick phone call:

646 610 5410 Police Commisioner 646 610 5000 Police Commisioner 212 266 1212 Corrections Department, Martin Horn presiding 212 335 9000 District Attorney Robert Morgenthau

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