Photos Of Half-Naked Male Models!

So I broke down and went to a few shows despite my column-length rant this week about why I hate fashion.

And it turned out great because I saw a lot of half-naked people strutting around! How fashionable! I loved what they weren't wearing!

Most notably, Asher Levine had a show at Bo Concept's Madison Avenue store, though since it started late, I eventually had to leave to go to Follies to see people in spangles and feathers.

But while waiting on the street, there was the thrill of looking in the store window and trying to see some of the naked male models getting ready.

(Yes, it's come to that.)

I've included photos of the actual show, for which they got more done up -- but not so much that flesh wasn't still grabbing the spotlight.

Thanks, Asher.

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