Play in the Drawer: Gary Winter

A Man for All Seasons: Gary Winter

We continue with our survey of yet unproduced plays by the talents at 13P (Sarah Ruhl and Young Jean Lee and Anne Washburn, do get in touch!). Today we feature one of 13P's rare males, the dashing Gary Winter. Gary's play, At Said, was seen at PS 122 in May, produced by 13P. Gary’s other plays have been produced or heard at The Flea, The Long Wharf, HERE, Cherry Lane Alternative, GEVA, Playwrights Horizons. Cooler recently received a workshop at NYU’s FirstLook@New Plays series.

After the jump, a selection from Cooler:

(In Cooler, Ivan, Cher, Andrea and Jack live in a cooler. The play operates in an almost dream-like state as the characters experiment with language, will, and the nature of oppression — both external and self-imposed. Here, Ivan, a woman, explains her name to Cher).

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CHER Why did he name you Ivan?

IVAN Where my father comes from all strong woman are named Ivan. This is no fairy tale. It’s a local custom. Pretty Dark Ages. I realize I ought to have changed it the minute I reached puberty. But then I kind of like being an heiress to a fucked up tribal custom. And people still buy into this shit. Oh, oh boy, you should see me on job interviews. First, naturally, they are expecting a man. A large Russian man, of course, who is suited to be a bouncer in a nightclub or a fish monger. Then it’s like, when they ask me the obvious question, I’m like this exotic freak with these powers of darkness when in reality my family has been in Forest Hills for six generations.

CHER Isn’t there an Ivan in The Cherry Orchard?

Cher picks up a model of a Cherry Orchard. A measly tree stuck in cardboard will do.

IVAN Where? Do we have a cherry orchard? I’m not aware of any. Is that it? Is that our cherry orchard?

CHER No silly. It’s a short story by Anton Chekhov, the great Russian doctor and novelist. It’s about people living on a cherry orchard. There is financial woe so they are upset, and then things happen-they have to sell the cherry orchard- and well, there you are.

IVAN I see.

CHER A shame.

IVAN What?

CHER Their dreams-sold.


CHER Hardly any cherries around here.

IVAN Ah yes. There goes the neighborhood.

CHER No more trees. Solitude.

IVAN Solitude?

CHER Solitude. All that is left.

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