Plus-Sized Brazilian Semi-Erotic Dance!

And it's performed in a room with fabulously clashing textures, kitsch art, seafoam-green green walls, and a potted plant.

As a shrieking observer yelps disbelieving yet enthusiastic narration.

Culminating with a very mammalicious leap into a pool surrounded by some other shrieking observers.

That's all I can say about this short but eye-popping video, which is eminently worth your 1:19.

Don't worry -- you don't see peen.

It's totally thonged in, and besides, the belly overhang prevents any possible wardrobe malfunctions from occurring.

But I love this guy and his unrepentant lust for life, and you will, too, if you submit to his refreshing lack of self-consciousness and giant, invisible balls.

We all need to let it hang and spin our way into a pool now and then.

Thanks to William Love for the tip.

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