Polish Priest Makes Kids Lick Whipped Cream Off His Knees

This is no Polish joke.

In a high school in southern Poland, part of the initiation ceremony for years has involved kids licking cream off the knees of a priest/principal.

Thirteen-year-olds of both genders have done this (see photos in link), in between crawling up the stairs on their hands and knees--another offbeat part of the welcome-to-the-jungle "ceremony," the kind that could make you believe in home tutoring.

The most amazing thing of all about this mess is that some of the kids' parents think it's OK since the cream is actually shaving foam and no one is forced to eat it!

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Hey, I happen to like wacky rituals, but I feel any physical contact whatsoever between student and authority figure, especially when it's this kinky, is potentially quite warping and should be as avoided as shaving foam on an ice cream sundae.

Besides, don't you want to bet the guy's knees are all scabby?

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