This Sunday On February 25th, Jason Neroni's Pork and Beer series has a perfect theme: Year of the pig—or shall we say, the Berkshire pork.

If you're more brownstone than Chinatown, check out the menu, and get on the phone:

BEER AND PORK NIGHT Once a month Porchetta teams up with a local brewery

Feb 1825, 2007

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Once a month, Jason Neroni’s Porchetta will be hosting a night dedicated to pork and beer. With pork coming from Heritage Foods USA and beer from a selection of local breweries, one night each month will be devoted to the swine!

Jason’s vision for the night:

This is the year of the pig in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. So lets celebrate the pig with some flavorful Berkshire pork. We will be pushing our tables together to make a grand family style Chinese influenced dinner. This is New York style Chinese food. Come and celebrate family, friends and good fortune in the Year of the Pig.

• Plenty of savory steamed buns • Crispy pork ribs • Savory Dumplings • General Tao Pork • Pork Egg drop soup

Dinner starts at 8PM6PM or 8:30. The menu is priced at $45 dollars a person, and includes all the food and beer. Porchetta will be dedicating the night to this menu only. There is only 1 are two seatings.
Reservations are required.

Porchetta 241 Smith Street (718) 237-9100

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