Porn's Most Beautiful Starlet!

Dark Meat (DNA) may not be the most flattering introduction to a star I hope you're already familiar with--the movie is, after all, called Dark Meat, and while I suppose that's better than The Meat Nobody Wants at Thanksgiving Except for the Uncle Your Family Doesn't Respect, it's no Bootie Nights (though I hear those were prosthetic bubbles). And this is coming from a shameless reader of King magazine. (Digression: I must credit King--and their readers, who write in every time they think the mag's glorifying skinny model-types or otherwise going frat--for featuring “plus-sized” Top Model contestant Toccara Jones on last month's cover, and here. Not because they're doing the Costco-sized people of the world a favor, but because, frankly, I really wanted see her junk.)

Dark Meat is not, let it be said, a choice cut. The lighting's bad, costumes nonexistent, couches not very comfy looking, and the sex so thoroughly routine I wonder if they modeled it on . . . wait for it . . . Tomkat's insemination session. But you don't read this column for the sex. You want incisive commentary, so incisive commentary you'll have: India (pic) is beautiful. Not just cute, or hotly disgusting, or transparently cock hungry. Beautiful. Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way: Your average King reader might find--despite her booty movie pedigree, which let's admit owes to the color of her skin, not the swerve of her curves--India too traditionally thin. That's not really fair. Thickness isn't exactly underrepresented in porn--Hi Loni!--and the industry being the reductive junkheap that it is, actresses of color actually seem to find most work in jiggle flicks. (King, meanwhile, sits on the same shelf as a raft of men's magazines that are as allergic to booty as your average runway.) Despite her natural breasts, India's Vivid material, and Vivid being as whitebread as it is (do they even have any black women in their roster?), you have to wonder why she's here instead, featured as a hunk of non-white meat.

India's scene is fine--there's a long blowjob interlude that focuses on her face as not merely a hole, but a whole, though probably owing to the videomaker's laziness--still, there's nothing to blog home about. Those moments come later: Adora (pic) partnering up with a guy in tear-away shorts, what he rather hilariously calls his “Kobe Bryants”; Stacey Cash (pic) pairing with a true pussy lover, who goes down deep, lovingly, and even after sticking it in; Fantasy's pointy tits bouncing vigorously as she rides reverse cowgirl; and Wett, who simply looks soooo cute in her street clothes you wish she didn't have to take them off (especially in the course of a bizarre vignette unconvincingly portraying her performance as coerced). In the end, this is a Meat anyone could be beat.

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