Presidential Race: Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round

Presidential Race: Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round

It's a virtual tie between Obama and Romney as we enter the final stretch of the reality show known as the Presidential election, and I'm getting scared.

At least that's according to a poll that the Wall Street Journal had something to do with (along with NBC).

Bear in mind, that paper is a Murdoch-owned conservative mouthpiece, but still, they're not the only ones saying it's neck-and-neckless.

Things are closerthanthis, as Suzy used to say about celebrity couples in the throes of dating.

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Apparently men like Romney more than Obama.

(Well, a woman who endorses Mitt wouldn't exactly be thinking with her brain, now would she? Though neither would a man, so WTF gives?)

But Obama gained points for his tasteful handling of the hurricane and aftermath.

He seemed to care, putting his own agenda aside to the point where Mayor Bloomberg even lined up to give him kudos and an endorsement.

Still, it's a tie!!!

And not the shiny, appealing one Romney wore for that debate.

Add the usual "glitches" and voter fraud--which already seem to be cropping up--and this thing could be a disaster if we don't dry off, dress up, and vote our conscience.

Let's get moving off our asses so we can save them.

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