Price Check: Pricey Tongue at Second Avenue Deli

We recently ran into a friend who had just eaten at the new Second Avenue Deli. He reported that a tongue sandwich cost him $22. Somewhat alarmed, we decided to do a little comparison shopping. Below, the pre-tax prices for tongue on rye. There's quite a range, but then again, a tongue sandwich isn't something you want to mess around with...

Artie's Delicatessen, $10.95 2290 Broadway (212) 579-5959

Sarge's Deli, $11.95 548 Third Avenue (212) 679-0442

Carnegie Deli, $13.95 854 Seventh Avenue (800) 334-5606

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Katz's Deli, $15.25 205 East Houston Street (212) 254-2246

Pastrami Queen, $17.50 1125 Lexington Avenue (212) 734-1500

Stage Deli, $19.45 834 7th Avenue (212) 245-7850

Second Avenue Deli, $20.95 162 East 33rd Street (212) 677-0606

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