Questions About Paul Haggis' Scientology Dis

So Oscar winner Paul Haggis (who co-wrote and directed that screed against bigotry, Crash) recently left Scientology, prompted by their avid support of the hateful Proposition 8.

And while that's a brave and admirable move, one has to wonder why it took that long for Haggis--a smart man--to realize Scientology might not exactly be a rainbow-flag-waving LGBT organization.

Didn't he know about the way they supposedly get certain gays to subvert their sexuality and marry someone--anyone--of the opposite sex, for career's sake?

I'm pretty sure I would have smelled the creepiness a long time ago and gotten my gay (or gay-friendly) ass out of there and into a bar in Hell's Kitchen.

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And by the way, I'm not just bashing Scientology here. I happen to be a Roman Catholic, and when I noticed how THEY weren't budging on their less-than-enlightened stance about gays, I performed a similar type of separation.

Until all religions stop preaching love and hate at the same time, let's take our business elsewhere. Meet me in Hell's Kitchen!

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