Read My Year-End Essay Again!

Read My Year-End Essay Again!

Come on, kids. Do it for mama, just one more time.

CLICK HERE and savor the wit and wisdom of my year-end wrapup, which is as full of insight and innuendo as a gay fortune cookie, devoured on lots of Percoset.

Read both pages, if you don't mind.

As a bonus, you get to see me dressed up throughout the spread as Snooki, Lady Gaga, Mel Gibson, and the Bieber!

I'll even give you a free tidbit abut the Gaga meat dress shoot:

The meat was so freezing cold that I thought I was going to die if it clung to my bare manflesh for one more second.

I took it off and begged them to heat it up by any means possible.

Someone said a blowdryer would be a good idea, and luckily, we happened to have one for the shot of me as Justin Bieber!

It all comes together here at La Daily Musto.

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