Real Housewives Dish!

Real Housewives Dish!
David Gilmore

I used to studiously avoid writing about any reality show stars, but then my party the other night was flooded with a Real Housewife of NYC, three Project Runway contestants, three Logo stars, a Last Comic Standing, and a judge from Greatest American Dog.

So I'm giving in.

I went to a Real Housewives of NYC viewing party last night and chatted up Countess LuAnn DeLesseps, asking if she'd ever do Playboy like her costar, Kelly Bensimon.

"Probably not," she said, thoughtfully. "Let's make that decision when they ask me," she added with a laugh.

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Just then, the new housewife, Sonja Morgan approached me and said, "I'm the sexy pistol, according to LuAnn.

"She calls me the Mae West."

I think she looks more like Kyra Sedgewick, but whatever.

"Ramona said I'm her bff," added Morgan (who was married to J.P. Morgan's great grandson) "because I know how to have fun, I'm secure in myself, and I'm a great mom."

That describes me too--except for the part about being secure in myself and being a great mom.


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