Remembering the Gay Bathhouses

Stone Wahl does just that in his entertaining memoir, American Faggot -- A Twisted Pursuit of the American Dream.

The interestingly named Mr. Wahl writes with horror about the basement of a certain downtown L.A. sex palace he used to visit from time to time, way back in the day.

He writes:

"The crazy thing was that you usually stopped at some point and allowed some dark figure that you couldn't even see suck you off.

The first time that someone did that and I started to reach my orgasm, he pulled me into him closer and said 'Give it to me.'

"He wanted me to cum in his mouth.

"I couldn't believe that anyone would do that, even if they did spit it out, but these guys didn't.

"They wanted it.

"The thought turned my stomach because of the phobias that I had grown up with.

"I felt repulsed by my behavior and couldn't shower enough to try and get the feeling off of me."

Is it really THAT gross? Discuss.

Oh, and after you do that, you can buy a paperback copy on or on, you can download the ebook version in various formats.

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