Ron Perlman As A Transsexual! OMG!

Ron Perlman As A Transsexual! OMG!

Ron Perlman, the onetime star of TV's Beauty and the Beast, is finally a beauty.

In the new movie 3, 2, 1...Frankie Go Boom, Ron plays a transsexual ex-con named Phyllis who serves as the "fairy godmother" of the guy who played the bottom in the British Queer as Folk.

The film is described as "a comedy about two brothers, a girl with a broken heart, a sex tape, an angel, and a pig."

Sounds like my last weekend.

In any case, Ron is certainly stretching from Sons of Anarchy (or is he?).

I feel he looks like one of the gals from The Facts Of Life--or maybe like all of them put together, plus Mrs. Garrett.

Love it!

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