Sale: Where the West Meets Dior

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The Tribeca Grand isn't known for discounts. But every month it hosts vintage collective Everything Must Go's "designer sale/party" with guest sellers hailing from around the world.

EMG's Saturday's event promises an old Dior swing coat ($45), a '70s Givency tweed mini, red-hot YSL pumps ($40), an '80s DFV blazer ($25), fitted western shirts ($35), Whiting and Davis mesh bags ($40-$50), '70s jewelry ($5-$35), and more.

Beware the delirium this vintage spree can stir up. Too many designer styles for cheap easily destroys perspective. At the end, you've purchased a confusing jumble of threads that look like various decades vomited on you. At least we've heard this can happen. Be safe: Don't drink too much coffee and bring a friend.

EMG Sale Saturday, February 24, 2-6 p.m. Tribeca Grand Hotel 2 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 212-519-6600

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